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Custom Clearance

Our speciality in the Indonesian Custom Clearance are proven and reputable

Our trails of experience in Indonesia’s custom clearance are unmistakable and doubtless. The reputation emerged far even before the company was established, it was back then in the early 90s when our founder strived and struggled to pave the road and built networks in the customs department of Indonesia.

Namas Logistics work with dedicated internal customs brokers, who knows all the bureaucracy in our country. Namas Logistics will handle all customs files efficiently and expertly - in house, not outsourced to any other middleman. We provide consultancy to set up your customs flow as smooth and cost efficiently as possible, and besides import, export, transit handling, Namas Logistics also organise fiscal representation, inspections, cargo checks, surveys, etc.

Custom Clearance for various type of cargo

We have the expertise to handle custom clearance for various kind of cargo, you name it and we’ll do the smooth clearance for you.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Automotive, Fasion, Household, Decoration & Toys, Floorings.

Nature & Forest Commodity

Wood, Wood & Pulp, Paper, Marble & Stones, Spices.

Agricultural Products

Food, Sugar, Fertilisers, Minerals, Natural & Vegetable Oil.

Industrial Products

Chemicals, Glass, Oils & Lubricants, Project Cargo

Full Realm Of Freight Forwarding

There’s always something that we can do to get your cargo safe and sound. We build bridges, we paved roughs roads and we move mountains that gets in our way.








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