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Namas Approach

For a smooth & punctual delivery, we go by a breakthrough approach where no one can.

With strong Indonesian roots and local custom knowledge, we are superior amongst others when it comes to manage your logistics needs. Adding unique value to the services, your cargo is in the best hands. We are always ahead in thinking of solutions, anticipating the right move at the right time. A breakthrough that we invite you all to experience, a challenging powerful team at your side.

Our quality policy: Integrity - Commitment - Transparency - Loyalty - Determination

Namas Expertise

Custom Clearance

Our trails of experience in Indonesia’s custom clearance are unmistakable and doubtless. The reputation emerged far even before the company was established, it was back then in the early 90s when our founder strived and struggled to pave the road and built networks in the customs department of Indonesia.


Personalized Service

Full Realm Of Freight Forwarding

There’s always something that we can do to get your cargo safe and sound. We build bridges, we paved roughs roads and we move mountains that gets in our way.

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We Are Member of Logistics and Forwarder Association

We are a member of the logistics and forwarders association. Trust your logistical needs to us.

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