A Reputation and Expertise

A Reputation and Expertise in The Indonesian Logistics that’s Been Passed on from generation to Generation since 1990’s

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Who We Are

It begun in the early 90s, when the Grandparent of our Leader started the legacy to bring good gestures in the Indonesian logistic world. With a homely bike, from post office to friends and relatives doorsteps, he expressed a great passion for service and dedication.

The fruits of his hard working culture, he gained trusts from various important people and since then the business has grown so fast until it became one of the trusted Logistic company in Surabaya with agents and branches spread across Asia - Hong Kong, Singapore, China and nearby countries.

The dedicated work ethic and passion has embodied into the company and passed to the next generations after generations.

In the early 2000, our Leader continued to expand the logistic business by building a company that works together with one of the biggest local couriers at that time in Indonesia. The 2007 Valedictorian graduates majoring in Industrial Engineering, our Leader then opened his first export - import company to better serve and expand the business.

And with years of experience and deeper understanding on Logistic world, our Leader decided to expand his passion and built this NAMAS company, equipped with modern integrated system and strategy armed with even bigger passion and dedication to serve customers from all over the world.

The passion and dedication, combined with professionally trained personals definitely makes NAMAS as one of the best in the field.

Intergrity - Commitment - Transparency - Loyality - Determination

Full Realm of Freight Forwarding

“We are always ahead in thinking of solutions, anticipating the right move at the right time. A breakthrough that we invite you all to experience, a challenging powerful team at your side. With strong Indonesian roots and local custom knowledge, we are superior amongst others when it comes to to manage your logistics needs. ”


Number 1 Logistic Company in Indonesia and World Wide that Uphold Transparency, Professionalism, Responsibility, Credibility and Social Act and Leadership.


  • Integrated Management System in Overalls
  • Customer’s Satisfaction is a Priority
  • All Personals Work Whole-Heartedly and Transparently
  • Have a Mindset of "Continuous Self-Betterment" in Order to be a Better Person Each Day.

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