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Project Documentation

We have various logistics projects for outstanding clients. Here are some documentation from the project.


Mobilisasi Excavator Sheet Pile - JIIPE Gresik Februari 2023


Project Domestic - PUSPETINDO JIIPE GRESIK - 1

Project Domestic - PUSPETINDO JIIPE GRESIK - 2

Project References

We are grateful to be trusted by some of the best and top players in the Indonesian business / industry. We built life-long term partnership with our customers, and became an integral part of their chain supply process. Some of our respectful customers are listed as below

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Namas Logistics - PUSPETINDO
Namas Logistics - PT. ARION INDONESIA
Namas Logistics - PT. SEMERU INTI SUKSES
Namas Logistics - DSI UNDERGROUND
Namas Logistics - TML ENERGY
Namas Logistics - hoi hing
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Namas Logistics - Indo Oil Perkasa
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Namas Logistics - Smart Life Solution

History of Our Service

The Project Logistic Indonesia business named Namas Logistic started as a division in 1990's, and the division became an independent business unit engaged in Export Import freight forwarding, particularly for project cargo and always improving to be the best in Indonesia. Namas Logistic services provided include planning, operational design, land and sea transportation, loading and unloading activities at ports and customs administration. Send your cargo from place A to place B according to the time specified, at the right price and in good condition. We provide cargo delivery services with various types of transportation. Starting from shipping cargo via sea, cargo shipping via air, to shipping via land. To achieve successful Project Logistic Indonesia from planning, delivery to timely completion, we work closely with planners and contractors to assist us in ensuring projects are planned and delivered perfectly on time and according to the desired specifications. In Project Logistic Indonesia services, we provide more flexible freight forwarding for the process of lifting, transporting, installing, and unloading large and heavy cargo to support industrial activities, both for project owners, contractors and suppliers.

Namas Logistic Service

With our Project Logistic Indonesia of logistic service, your logistics scheme will be sorted to the uniqueness of each project's needs – from comprehensive pre-shipment risk evaluation, delivery schedules and costs, travel route and port surveys, coordinating the determination of appropriate packaging components, handling documentation requirements, and fashion analysis, transportation needed. Each logistics delivery of goods is based on customization and all projects are always executed with care and precision, even for the most complex projects. Namas Logistic has handled various infrastructure development and maintenance projects in Indonesia. Including electricity, petrochemical, oil and gas projects and other large-scale projects. In our Project Logistic Indonesia services. We are able to handle your cargo from the Port Of Loading to the Port Of Discharges and delivery to the project site. With heavy equipment and adequate transportation that can be adapted to the dimensions of the cargo and project budget. We are able to make delivery arrangements appropriately and efficiently. Provide a logistics warehouse to store goods originating from outside the Indonesian customs area or from other places in the Indonesian customs area. By using this, you can reduce logistics and transportation costs, support the growth of domestic industries including small and medium classes, and increase foreign and local investment. Not only that, it is also intended to help develop the Indonesian region as a logistics center in the Asia Pacific region.

Service for Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in Project Logistic Indonesia of our company is the main thing and we believe that in the delivery of goods that the quality of delivery is very important. And we believe that maintaining cargo quality is very important. That's why we always ensure its safety, and avoid any damage that may occur during shipping. Namas Logistic employs highly skilled personnel, With skilled personnel and adequate HSE experience, we can ensure that your project cargo is delivered on time and safely. Contributions in planning to be the best Project Logistic Indonesia. A lot of things are needed for the assessment process and delivery realization of Project Logistic Indonesia, for that we will provide advice in the form of assessments and time limits. Always ready 24 hours to provide the best service for you customers. With the hope of growing and having a wider network. Has cooperation with several local and international shipping services. And openness in providing the latest information about the goods that customers send or receive, is one of the most important things so that customers know when the goods arrive at the location.

Our Motto

In the Project Logistic Indonesia, Namas Logistic have a working principle of Integrity, Commitment, Providing Transparency, Always Providing Loyalty, and Determination in the process. By providing the best solution in freight forwarding services in Indonesia.

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